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Conference Organisation

Conference Organisation

In the last 15 years, I have organized three conferences under the aegis of the Research Centre for the Archaeology of Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Cultural interactions and transformations, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1992
  • Landscapes in flux, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1994
  • Trade and Exchange in the Neolithic and Copper Age of Central & Eastern Europe, Durham 1999

I have also organized six major sessions at the Annual Meetings of the European Association of Archaeologists:

  • The archaeology of prestige and value, Gothenburg, 1998
  • Fragmentation in archaeology, Bournemouth, 1999
  • The exploitation of salt in the past, Esslingen, 2001
  • The research agenda for inter-disciplinary archaeology in Europe, Saloniki, 2002
  • GIS meets social archaeology, Lyon, 2004
  • Fragmentation in its European social context, Kraków, 2006